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The following are selections of documents available for you to view. You may make a copy of the document for your own personal use but the content may not be otherwise used without without approval from R.S.T.Please refer to the copyright notice in each document.

I hope to be able to add download to this site soon as well as adding a few more articles.

Meetings! Bloody Meetings!This document explains how meetings should be set up and run so that they are as cost effective as possible. Explains how to compile and use 'Meeting Agendas' and 'Minutes to a meeting' and gives tips on meeting control. If you are regularly in meetings and have to run them its worth a look.

What is Project management? This document outlines what project management is and briefly explains how it should work and what you need to do.

Non Disclosure Blank Form If you are a designer or inventor you need to make sure you have a confidentiality, or non-disclosure, agreement in place before you talk to other people or organisations. This document covers the basic requirements. If you want me to talk to me about designs copy the document, sign and date it and send two copies to me. I will then sign and return a copy to you. We are then bound by the terms in the agreement. If you want to use with other people please feel free to use the document. Please note that it is up to you to make sure the agreement details cover your requirements and offer the protection that you need. The document is offered free of charge and is used at your risk.

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