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I dabble with writing and have a number of articles published. The following have not been publish and are a selection of stories that range from the truth to science fiction. They are but a few pages long so you can copy and read off line. If you enjoy them please let me know.

Regards Roger Todd

Bad air day A true story of my time in the Royal Air Force while in Borneo operating Javelin fighter aircraft from jungle air strips..

Origin of the species? A very short science fiction piece.

Vanilla Slice A story written about the history, origin and problems you encounter while eating a vanilla slice. Very much tongue in cheek stuff. I was going to write a similar story about doughnuts!

Modellers lament My one and only piece of poetry, well the only bit I would publish. It's the sad tale of a modeller trying to build an aircraft on the kitchen table while his wife is baking. The resulting mix up has some unusual concequences.

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